Beginning Metalsmithing Intensive

Maureen MO O’Rourke learning torch control. photo taken by Lanie Fire

Come and immerse yourself in a 2-day workshop of basic metalsmithing techniques! Learn how to manipulate metal to create both small sculptural objects and jewelry through hands-on work and demonstrations focusing on the proper techniques needed to build a strong foundation for the metal arts. Fabricated metal work will be designed on paper and translated into copper or brass. Participants will use hand and power tools and will learn the fundamentals of sawing, filing, drilling, shaping, texturing, torch control, soldering and patination. This workshop will include all materials and consumables and use of all tools and equipment; students are welcome to bring their own tools and/or found objects to explore with.

Participants must be at least 18 yrs old. No prior experience is necessary.

Contact the studio if you don’t see a date that accommodates your schedule or for any other questions. Please sign up at least 72hours in advance.

Saturday & Sunday -Tuesday & Wednesday